Canada may be known as the apologetic country, but they sure aren't sorry when it comes to infringing on real rights of their people.

The Canadian Supreme Court has denied accreditation to a Christian law school for their lack of acceptance when it comes to homosexuality.

Trinity Western University in British Columbia (BC) requires students to sign a waiver agreeing not to have extra-marital  sex, including gay sex. Considering the school is CHRISTIAN, this does not sound like it is an outrageous request. No one is forced to attend the school. If they don't like it, then they can attend another university. How is that such a hard concept to grasp?

BBC reports:  

The evangelical university finalised its proposal for a law school in 2012 and applied for accreditation in every province so that its students could be called to the bar anywhere in Canada.

Lower courts in Nova Scotia and British Columbia sided with the university, but Ontario sided with the law society and upheld the organisation's right to deny the school accreditation.

The case went all the way to Canada's top court, and the ruling was viewed as a key victory for LGBT rights advocates.

The court ruled the ban on gay sex as an injustice, claiming that they need to protect LGBT students from discrimination from religion.

"The (law society of British Columbia) has an overarching interest in protecting the values of equality and human rights in carrying out its functions," the court ruling stated, "Approving or facilitating inequitable barriers to the profession could undermine public confidence in the (law society's) ability to regulate in the public interest."

It is a dangerous world when sexual rights trump freedom of religion.

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