Two California men went around stealing Trump yard signs for their enjoyment. It then turned ugly. California woman beaten badly over Trump sign in yard.

This took place in Lemoore, California. Both of the men involved have been identified. They are Angel Mendoza and Rolando Vega. The person who identified them also took all of their videos and combined them into one. This was likely a precautionary measure, in case they were deleted.

The first video is brutal. It shows a woman being beaten as he tries to defend the Trump sign in her yard. The video was captioned with, “Bruuuuh niggas be crackin females like nothing hell nah.”

Mendoza bragged about what he did on Twitter. For some reason he was sensitive when someone mentioned him beating a woman.

When the story first went public all he did was make his Twitter account private. Then as it was getting more and more press, he completely deleted his Twitter account.

On top of that, Mendoza was sure to make his feelings about Trump known. He Tweeted, “YEEE FUCK TRUMP PUTOSS,” and added on some Mexican flags for emphasis. He had backup as one of his buddies referred to all Trump supporters as "gay."

Calfornia Woman Beaten Badly Over Trump Sign in Yard

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