It must be said that the artist formerly known as Bruce Jenner wearing a MAGA hat was funny. Not anymore. Caitlyn Jenner apologizes for wearing the hat. This is according to reports that surfaced on Saturday.

Transgender icon Caitlyn Jenner was spotted on Thursday wearing the famous red "Make America Great Again" hat that became so popular during the Trump campaign. He wore the hat while driving from his home to the Sherwood Country Club to play some golf. When asked by TMZ about the hat, Jenner said that he quickly picked a hat to keep his hair from blowing all over the place while riding in a convertible. Jenner claims he did not even realize that he chose the MAGA hat. Interesting.

Caitlyn Jenner Apologizes for Supporting Trump

Caitlyn Jenner Apologizes for Supporting Trump, Mini Cooper, Transgender military ban

Per Daily Caller:

Jenner even headed into a Starbucks after the golf match still wearing the hat.

Jenner formally apologized to his friends and the public during his interview with TMZ and said that he couldn’t believe what he had done.

“I apologize to all of the trans community. I made a mistake. I will never do it again and I’m getting rid of the hat,” Jenner said.

“There are 15,000 patriotic transgender Americans in the US military fighting for all of us. What happened to your promise to fight for them?” Jenner tweeted after Trump announced his ban on transgender service members.

Jenner voted for Trump in 2016 but soured on the president after his latest action regarding the transgender community.

Not long ago Caitlyn Jenner defended President Trump on Jimmy Kimmel live. Jetter is a long-time conservative, which shocks many people.

Not surprisingly, Jenner has became irritated with President Trump for a ban of transgenders in the military.

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