South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a man that I had honestly never heard of until recently, is making sure the entire country knows he is gay. Who really cares? I'm not sure...but he's making sure they know!!

The man has announced that he's considering a 2020 presidential run and his his slogan is practically, "Vote for me, I'm gay."

During an interview with TMZ host Harvey Levin, Buttigieg spoke about the challenges he will likely face as an openly flamboyant candidate. Which is his own fault, honestly.

“I’m from Indiana, I’m gay as a — I don’t know, think of something really gay — that’s how gay I am,” he continued in response to Levin warning that the campaign will likely turn homophobic. “I’m used to bullying. I think you confront it, initially, and move on.”

When Levin questioned the almost candidate on whether he thinks his sexuality will be a "dealbreaker" for many Americans who may have voted for him, Buttigieg responded: “You know, there are some people that I’m never going to get, and that just is what it is, that’s how it always is in some way shape or form in politics."

“I don’t care how conservative you are, how religious you are, if you realize that someone is coming to harm because of something you believe, something you used to believe was right, it’s going to open up your heart at least a little bit to change,” he added.

I speak for myself, and many Americans, when I say that we do not want a president without a backbone. We already had a fairy princess for eight long years. Obama kissed our enemies' butts and bowed down to every social justice warrior to come against him. He was spineless.

I guarantee you, it will be a bloodbath if Buttigieg runs. Not because he is gay, though. His sexuality has nothing to do with it. It is the fact that he has to use his sexuality to throttle his campaign and shove it down everyone's throat. That will be his downfall.

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