Do you remember back in April when CBS News was caught using video from a hospital in Italy and airing the footage as though it was taken at a hospital in New York City?

What CBS News was trying to do was scare Americans even further by making things look much worse than it was. New York hospitals don't look like that.

If you don't know what I'm referring to, just watch the video below and you'll see what I mean.

But now they just got caught doing the same thing again. This time they used a photo of a baby in Ukraine that is back from 2016 and passed it off like this is what is going on in America right now.

The new scare tactic that the media has been trying to use lately regarding the coronavirus is that kids are mysteriously getting some illness that is supposedly liked to coronavirus.

Take a look at the side by side comparison down below.

The illness that they are claiming these kids are getting is something similar to Kawasaki disease, because it is this "mysterious inflammatory condition", but as Dr. Anthony Fauci and other doctors have noted, this isn't something new. Dr. Fauci reported that in Canada, the disease affects 13 in every 100,000 children.

One doctor said that the only reason we're really hearing about it right now is because we're all on high alert to any medical conditions going on right now. So with things as died down as they are right now, it's far more likely that we'll hear about illnesses like this one.

The photo that CBS aired is not Kawasaki, but Coxsackie, which is something altogether different.

In fact, Business Insider reported that "scientists are still working to establish the connection between the new Kawasaki-like disease and the coronavirus."

Supposedly, the illness is related to COVID-19 because some of the kids who have this Kawasaki like illness also tested positive for COVID-19 or have had it at some point.

Correlation doesn't mean causation. So just because they detected the virus doesn't mean that that's what caused the illness. This isn't something entirely new. We just hear about more now.

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