Hillary had a tense interview with reporter Matt Frei. During the interview the British reporter calls out Hillary and asked her if she's still blaming others than herself for her second loss.

Clinton answered just how you'd expect her to. She refused to give a yes or no answer to the questions.

Can you imagine a reporter in the United States having the guts to ask Hillary a question like this?

Per Free Beacon:

Frei asked about her appeal to the voter during the 2016 presidential election, saying that her status as a Clinton prevented her gender from helping her.

“Your dynastic appeal or perhaps it was the opposite: The fact that you were called Clinton the fact that you were first lady basically trumped any novelty—if you forgive the term—of being the first female president of the United States,” he said. “People looked at your name and your legacy more than they looked at your gender.”


“So you’re still blaming others more than yourself?” Frei asked

“No, I take ultimate responsibility, I don’t blame others, but I think it’s important that people understand what happened,” Clinton said. “It easy to say, ‘You know she wasn’t a good candidate.’ Then why did lead all the way to the end, why did I get nominated overwhelmingly?”

This guy put Hillary Clinton in some tough spots. She at least pretended to sound surprised over Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment. Then when she mentioned Trump being a "sexual assaulter" she was asked about about Bill Clinton's checkered past.

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