On Friday Breitbart editor Joe Pollak explained why everyone hates CNN. It's mainly because CNN pretends to be impartial. They're not.

While interviewing with MSNBC's Ali Velshi, Pollak pointed out that MSNBC is doing better than CNN. The reason is because MSNBC acknowledges they are pushing left-leaning programs with their content. CNN refuses to do the same.

Per Daily Caller:

“It’s not selling people a false product,” Pollak said. “When you go on MSNBC you know you’re talking to the left.”

“On CNN there’s this idea that they’re neutral, that they’re all sides, and nobody likes CNN because they know that’s a fraud,” Pollak said, “and what they’re getting on CNN is actually a political message dressed up as nonpartisanship.”

Pollak further explained that he believes “wearing your colors on your vest” can set reporters up for better journalism.

“Tell your viewers honestly, ‘yes we have a point of view but we’re going to be…accurate in our approach of the facts.'”

Watch the video.

Breitbart Editor Joe Pollak



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