I think it's safe to say that there has never been a president who has done more than President Trump when it comes to saving the missing children of the United States.

Human and sex trafficking are the biggest and most silent issues in our country, but they get so little attention in the media.

In 2016, the final year of former President Obama's second term, 173 missing children were found, and that number has only grown every year under President Trump.

In President Trump's first year in office, that number increased to 192 children.In 2020, a total of 375 children have been recovered so far this year, and there are still three months to go!

While the Democrats have been chasing unicorns, President Trump and his administration are actually getting things done.

US Marshals Service Director Donald Washington made an announcement last week that starting in fiscal year 2016, there have been over 1300 children saved from human trafficking.

While these numbers are great, one thing that the host said was, "Are we correct in saying that there are over 400,000 children missing in the United States?"

He confirms that number is accurate and it comes from the FBI database. He does also say that most of the missing children are runaways.

If you follow the conspiracy theories revolving around "Q" or "Qanon" then you may have heard the theory that all or at least some of the things that is going on right now has to do with taking combating human trafficking.

While the numbers of children rescued have gone up, I don't think they have gone up enough to justify the theory that this is what's actually occurring. Now if they start rescuing thousands of people and start arresting hundreds of people, then I think the argument may have some validity.

I just don't think that these numbers are enough to justify the Qanon theory regarding this. I'm not against the whole "Q" movement, but I think that the "anons" who espouse the view of this being part of a large worldwide plot are just unjustifiable at this point.

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