A few days ago, James O'Keefe from Project Veritas made it known that he would soon be exposing the campaign of a prominent Democratic candidate, and he certainly lived up to his promise.

The target of the video was the Bernie Sanders campaign.

O'Keefe both Part 1 and Part 2 of his "Expose 2020" which details the extreme and seriously oppressive measures that the Sanders campaign is taking and willing to take to make sure their agenda is met.

Kyle Jurek, is Sanders' field organizer. In the videos, you see him praise Joseph Stalin, and even say that "cities will burn" if Donald Trump wins again.

But it gets worse. Jurek even advocated for using gulags and says that they're a good idea to fix the broken conservative mindset, though Bernie himself wouldn't use those terms. They wouldn't be gulags, they would be Democratic gulags...there's a difference! *sarcasm*

For those who may be unfamiliar with what a gulag is, it's a labor camp that was used by the Soviet Union under Stalin. They would work hard and in extreme climates. These gulags literally led to the deaths of MILLIONS of people.

Jurek even admitted to participating in Antifa events.

  • Jurek Claims That “…Our Prisons, in the United States Right Now, Are Far Worse. Far Worse Than Anything That They Experienced in a F***ing Gulag. Like People Get Raped. People Get F***ing, Work Twelve Hours a Day. People Have to go Fight Fires in California for a Dollar. You Know What I Mean? That’s F***ed up. That’s Super F***ed Up. Soviet Union Didn’t do That S**t.”
  • Believes That Americans Opposed to Socialism Must be Re-Educated.
  • Jurek: “Like and No Matter What Country and What Laws Were, That Exist, They’re Irrelevant to, There Are Things Greater Than Those Systems, Right? There Are Things That Are More Important Than the Rule of Law in the United States, When it Comes Down to the Existence of the Human Race.”
  • Admits to Participating in Antifa Events, Reveals That “A Lot of Them Are Probably on the Bernie Campaign.”

After the second video was released, Secret Service was tipped off about a concern of an attempt on President Trump related to the Sanders campaign.

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