I've said for years now that I whole-heartedly believe that if the Democrats weren't able to rig elections in some form or fashion, they would almost never win. They have to cheat in order to get where they are. Why else do they do it?

Sure, there are some places that are exceptions like certain cities in California and New York and other states as well. But as a whole, the Democratic party would almost disintegrate if we were able to have 100% fair and untampered elections.

The prove my point, the Department of Justice announced that they are going after a Philadelphia election official for "fraudulently" stuffing ballot boxes to help Democrats win elections from 2014-2016.

DeMuro was allegedly paid as much as $5,000 per cycle to commit the election fraud. Candidates whom he helped get elected included judges as well as local, state and federal officials.

He "fraudulently stuffed the ballot box by literally standing in a voting booth and voting over and over, as fast as he could, while he thought the coast was clear," U.S. Attorney William McSwain said Thursday.

In a press release, the Justice Department implied that the conspiracy stretches beyond DeMuro's activities, with the ward chairman allegedly just one of multiple election fraudsters involved in fixing elections.

An "unnamed political consultant" allegedly accepted cash from "clients," which he or she then used to hire multiple other Election Board officials to engage in fraud, the press release stated.

The FBI said the matter is part of an "active, ongoing investigation."

This, of course, is a big deal but it might even be bigger than we know about.

Now very long ago the DOJ announced that they are taking extra measures to see to it that we have a fair election this November.

That means making sure that the Democrats play fairly.

Democrats need to take a step back and look at what their party is doing. Why is it that in so many states we have this problem with Democrats and never Republicans?

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