hillary clinton espionage

It's been a tough week for Hillary Clinton to say the least. First, the House Report on Benghazi came out, which solidified the fact that she is responsible for the lives of four great Americans. Then after being interviewed by the FBI for 3.5 hours, the email scandal was brought back into the national spotlight.

So it can't get any worse, right? Wrong. McClatchy DC reports that there have been new reports that if the Justice Department clears Hillary of perjury, the next thing she could be charged with is espionage.

We all know that Hillary claimed to have zero classified information on her private email servers, then we found out that there were at least 2,000 classified emails on the server. More than 20 of them were too classified for release to the public.

Under the Espionage Act, allowing classified information to fall into the hands of an enemy “through gross negligence” is a punishable crime. This definitely fits that description.

It is very possible that the private email servers were hacked by foreign hackers or governments. Nothing has been proven, but if this were determined it would give Clinton a lot to answer.

Very few Americans doubt that Hillary broke the law when using her private email servers. On top of that she has lied so much about it. For example, Hillary claims the FBI is doing a "security inquiry" while many times the FBI has called it an "investigation."

If Hillary is allowed to be president of the United States it will be a complete and total disaster.

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