There is a reason why President Trump calls the mainstream media news outlets and social media giants like Facebook and Twitter fake news.

The reason is because they do spread fake news and we've recently learned more about how they acquire this fake news.

It's not that they're just the ones who create this fake garbage, though they do some. However, social media is the biggest culprit for creating and spreading fake news, and what we've just learned is that apparently, there is one family who is behind most of what you see on social media.

A man named John Gouldman says that he and his family are behind almost all of it.

"For several years, I’ve been one of the biggest liberal ghost bloggers in the United States. Even more important than that, my family has been behind most of the ‘fake liberal news’ you see on Facebook..."

Gouldman then goes on to list some of the groups he and his family run which include,

Addicting Info, Americans Against The Republican Party, Opposition Report, New Century Times, Bipartisan Report, Groopspeak, Resist Create, If You Only News, Proud Liberal Americans, Occupy Democrats, Washington Press, Impeach Trump, Anti-Trump Army, Fight Trump, Thank You President Obama.

In the blog post that Gouldman wrote explaining details about how he and his family operate, he even gives some details about certain events that took place such as the time when someone threw Russian flags at President Trump and Mitch McConnell. Gouldman names the individual who actually threw the flags.

Further, he implicates Justin Brotman who is the sons of Jeff Brotman, the co-founder of Costco.

In fact, some of the things that Gouldman discusses were actually exposed by Project Veritas four years ago when they mention Aaron Black.

Gouldman writes,

"Aaron works at Democracy Partners and Amplify Social Media, LLC, alongside my brother, who has been behind this vast network of Facebook pages. They're both considered "partners."

I've worked firsthand with Aaron, talked to him directly too many times to count, and his latest gig is no longer helping the Hillary Clinton campaign, it's doing Nancy Pelosi's work behind the scenes. Aaron routinely sends out correspondence on matters telling people to either get in touch with him or Jorge Aguilar, the Executive Director for Nancy Pelosi for Congress.

Democracy Partners lists Pelosi as one of their many clients in the Democratic Party. Their public client list boasts of having 76 current Democrats in the House, as well as 11 current Democratic U.S. Senators, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren. They're also working with the Biden campaign but they haven't updated their website yet (at the time of this writing) to reflect this."

Gouldman shares a lot in his blog post and actually followed it up with another one. There is so much there that I couldn't possibly do it justice in an article here, but to if you really want to go down this insane rabbit hole, there is so much to see. You can find part two here.

Also, if you haven't watched that video from Project Veritas in it now! You will be amazed.


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