Hillary Had Secret Surgery This Year

Hillary Clinton's collapse at a 9/11 event has sparked further speculation about her health. Well it turns out Hillary had secret surgery this year.

She had her medical records released in hopes of answering some questions. Instead, it has just fueled more speculation about her failing health, the UK Daily Mail reported.

Dr. Lisa Bardack released a letter that revealed Hillary Clinton had surgery in January. This was a result of a severe sinus infection. This was something Hillary never bothered to release to the public.

Per Conservative Tribune:

In January doctors put a drain in Clinton’s ear to clear the fluid from the infection and it appeared to help her condition. The letter revealing this information never specially stated that it was a surgical procedure, but putting a tube in Clinton’s ear most likely involved at least some minor surgery, possibly a myringotomy.

Clinton had a follow-up CT scan in March (which she also did not make public) that revealed the sinus infection to have been resolved by the procedure.

“This scan showed no abnormalities of the brain and mild chronic sinusitis,” Dr. Bardack wrote. “The symptoms resolved and she continued symptom-free for the next six months.”

Hillary Had Secret Surgery This Year

At this point is is painfully obvious that Hillary is in no condition to become president. Not only is she a complete and total liar, but her health is failing her in a big way. Share on Facebook and help us expose her as a terrible candidate.



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