Following this election, America will never be the same.

Honestly, we have no idea what's still to come. We really don't even know who will be the President on January 20th.

One of the biggest nation shaking reasons that we're in the mess that we're in now is because of the Dominion voting systems.

Imagine, fake stacks of ballots that can easily be generated by the Dominion software with only Biden marked, and sadly, yes, they could be counted as legitimate election results. Well, guess what. That's exactly what happened.

We now know that the Dominion software has the ability to create ballots from thin air.

Kyle Becker, a respected journalist, shared this history-distorting incident that we have unfolding through his Tweet.


More concerning information on Automated Test Decks that every knowledgeable voter should be familiar with.

This information & assessments can be taken directly from reading the voting system company's own user's manuals. #FWIW?

Can entire Trump vote batches be purged? Once again, the answer is yes. And all these possibilities are specified in the Dominion's user manual.

Fulton County Poll Manager Susan Voyles have testified in her hearing that these are Pristine Ballots with identical ballot markings. Are they so pristine and sacred? Where can we see the remote statistical possibility of stacks of ballots with a predictable 95 percent Biden outcomes

These all defy easy logic and under all our noses. The Dominion manual is spouting procedures that is clearly benefiting the Biden camp. Meanwhile, the Trump legal battle fights on.

Dominion's own material says:

"The Automated Test Deck Generator creates comprehensive test decks for efficient and easy logic & accuracy testing. Using the election project database, a deck of vote-marked ballots is randomly generated to provide the highest assurance of system accuracy. When scanned, these automated test deck ballots create known outcomes that can be compared with the tabulated results, providing verification of both the quality of the printed ballots as well as the complete accuracy of each tabulator."

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