Boston Antifa is Back At It – Calls Black Cop Stupid @$$ B*tch – VIDEO

Remember, Antifa is fighting fascism. That’s what the #FakeNews media wants you to believe. Well, Boston Antifa is back at it. This one calls a black cop a stupid @$$ b*tch.

These are the groups that the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge. Antifa and Black Lives Matter crashed a free speech rally in Boston and attacked the police.

These violent protesters showed up and beat the crap out of the free speech advocates.

Let’s not forget, Antifa also hit the police with bottles of urine.

This black woman was particularly irate with a black female police officer.

“Stupid ass black b*tch! You’re supposed to be on our side, b*tch.”

Watch the video.

Boston Antifa

Remember, President Trump has been verbally assaulted for acknowledging that there are problems on both sides. It’s not hard to see that Antifa presents a big-time problem for anyone who has to deal with them. They come out wearing masks and cause altercations with everyone. Not just white supremacists. Isn’t it ironic they consider themselves anti-fascists, yet protest a free speech rally while causing violence with anyone who gets in their path?

Since the mainstream media refuses to report on Antifa, we need to expose them for the disgusting group they are. Do your part and share this story across social media.

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