Once again, the "Russian interference" rhetoric is being pushed to cover up the fact that the American people voted Trump into office.

During the Democrat presidential debate on Wednesday, Senator Cory Booker stated that the only reason President Trump won Michigan during the 2016 election is because Russians suppressed black voters.

“We lost the state of Michigan because everybody from Republicans to Russians were targeting the suppression of African American voters,” he continued, “If the African American vote had been like it was four years earlier, we would have won Michigan.”

Perhaps the African American vote changed because they opened their eyes to how corrupt the left truly is.

Conservative Fighters reports: 

President Trump won Michigan by a margin of 0.23%, with 47.50% of the votes over the 47.27% of then-Democrat White House nominee Hillary Clinton. Political observers attribute the president winning the state to his support from white working-class voters, a group for normally votes Democrats.

Booker made similar comments about Russia’s so-called suppression of African-American votes before the Urban League Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, last Friday, saying instead of President Trump addressing the Kremlin’s actions, the president has treated Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “pal.”

It has already been proven that Russia did not interfere with our election. If anything, the only "foreign interference" would be the thousands of illegal immigrants who were allowed to vote in our election. Even with that, they could not suppress the voice of Americans.

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