In what appears to be a last ditch effort for Democrat presidential hopeful Sen. Cory Booker, he has asked voters to dismiss the polls because the polls 'don't matter.'

“Front-runners have never gone on to be the nominee,” Booker said on Sunday evening, “When I become the nominee, I’m going to pancake Donald Trump."

Breitbart reports:

Even though a recent New York Times and Siena College poll out of Iowa shows Booker with only two percent support among likely caucus-goers, the New Jersey senator remains confident in his efforts to defeat President Donald Trump.

While he remains uncertain of who his running mate will be, Booker said he “hopes she likes beer.” He also put emphasis on the fact that his running mate will be a woman.

“I just know that we have to have gender diversity,” Booker continued,“And that’s why when I’m the nominee, of all the incredibly talented, gifted women in this country, that my running mate is a woman.”

“I played Stanford football and we were never aiming to get close, we were aiming to win,” he added, “I play to win, and we’re here because I believe as things shift and change, we’re going to continue to grow in popularity and support.”

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However, since he announced his candidacy, he has had a downward slope of support from black voters, according to polls. Which is why it makes sense for him to beg voters not to believe the polls.

Despite how terrible he is doing with connecting to black voters, Booker announced last week that he's the only candidate who can “turn out the vote and win in a heavily black electorate.”

He's high if he honestly believes what he spouting.

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