During the White House counsel's time to make their opening arguments against the articles of impeachment, one Senator said that he saw House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff so embarrassed that he turned as white as a ghost and said that it literally looked like the blood drained from his face.

Wyoming Republican Senator John Barrasso met with reporters after Trump’s defense team completed their opening arguments – part of arguments used a video of Schiff, in a House Intelligence Committee hearing fabricating his own version of the July 25th now-infamous phone call between President Trump and the head of Ukraine. Schiff’s recount was false and was proven such when the President released the official transcript to the public.

“Today we had a presentation that was strong and that was clear and completely undermined the case of the Democrats and truly undermined the credibility of Adam Schiff. The most effective thing that happened was when they first read — the president’s counsel first read the transcript of the phone call with the president of the United States and the president of Ukraine and then played the video of Adam Schiff with his fictionalized made-up script.”

"And from where I was sitting, I know the press couldn’t see his face, but the blood drained from Adam Schiff’s face as they played that video and his made up words.”

“The House case has been one that’s been selective use of information, misuse of information, and what we saw today in just two short hours is what the House left out in 21 hours — all in the effort to undermine and impeach and remove this president and undermine the election in 2020.”

I think it's great. Schiff is finally getting some pushback from Republican - and Democrats for that matter - and he can't do anything about it now.

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