Sadly, this type of situation has became a common occurence. According to BLM Minnesota a black man was lynched in the park. Well, that was a complete lie. It was actually a white man who committed suicide.

Per City Pages:

A man was discovered hanging from a tree in St. Paul's Indian Mounds Park early Tuesday morning.

He was deceased by the time police arrived. The man was 50 years old, and has been identified as Michael Bringle.

Soon after Bringle was found, a Facebook post began circulating with three disturbing pictures of the scene including Bringle and nearby police officers. "They still killing us and we still killing each other!" wrote the poster, Davion Gatlin, adding the hashtag "#MakeGoViral.

That request worked: By midday, his post had been shared more than 6,000 times. Many who've viewed it believe the man in the photo's hands are tied behind his back.

St. Paul Police received an outpouring of questions and comments, and responded with a Facebook post of their own. The statement reads:

"Officers were dispatched to the park at about 5:40 morning after the man was found by a passerby on his way to work. Our officers located the man and called Saint Paul Fire medics to the scene. Sadly, there was nothing they could do. The Ramsey County medical examiner took possession of the man's body and has ruled the cause of death to be suicide. These types of cases are difficult for everyone--people who loved the man, the community and our officers. We're keeping all in our thoughts and prayers."

It took a long time for BLM St. Paul to admit this was not a true story. They made claims the police is lying. They would not back off of their claim that his hands were tied behind his back, despite the police disputing this claim. Even at a press conference on Tuesday they announced that, "We're not letting this go under the rug." Finally, they realized that it was not true and released a statement.

Our intentions are not to spread lies, but to figure out what happen given the small information we received. … We are not here appease the status quo, but to set the truth free.

The Facebook photos have compounded the issue and caused additional grief to the family. Here is Michael Bringle's sister speaking on the issue.

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