BLM Member Confronts Antifa Over Masks – Gets Punched – VIDEO

If nothing else, BLM and Antifa do give us a lot of opportunities to have a laugh at their expense. Like here where a BLM member confronts Antifa over maks and immediately gets punched.

It’s good to see that BLM wonders why these fools are wearing masks. In this video, BLM chastises Antifa for constantly wearing masks.

This particular BLM activist got right up to the Antifa crowd and yelled “Take the mask off! Take the mask off.” His buddies followed long and started chanting, “Mask off! Mask off! Mask off!”

We can all agree that these two groups are a disaster. In this instance we have to admit that BLM makes a great point. It could be said that this is something Captain Obvious would point out, but regardless it is a great point.

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