Bill Nye Cries Like a Baby When an Actual Scientist on CNN Exposes Him – VIDEO

Bill Nye has always understood the science of making the left love him. The engineering school graduate somehow became a climate change expert. Recently he has been tearing through the media as his Netflix-only series is set to premier this week. During this interview on CNN Nye runs into some trouble. To be more specific, Bill Nye cries like a baby when he is confronted by an actual scientist on CNN.

Nye is riding the wave of nostalgia that is being pushed by millennials. The only problem is he has fallen victim to the same bunk global warming hoaxes that sent Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore down the path of filming lucrative global warming hoax films. The problem with Nye is when he is confronted with actual scientists who know what they are talking about, he is no different from the rest of the crybaby liberals. Watch the video.

Bill Nye Cries Like a Baby

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Per The Hill:

Bill Nye on Saturday accused CNN of doing a ‘disservice’ to viewers by bringing a climate change skeptic onto the network for a panel discussion.”

“‘I will say, much as I love CNN, you’re doing a disservice by having one climate change skeptic, and not 97 or 98 scientists or engineers concerned about climate change,’ Nye said during an appearance on CNN’s ‘New Day.’”

“Nye was participating in a panel discussion on the network with May Boeve, the executive director of the environmental group, and William Happer, a physicist and climate change skeptic.”

So now we see why Bill Nye was so in tune with the liberals. He is so similar. Instead of coming back and debating the opposing view with facts, he simply decides to cry and suggest that the opposing views should be censored. The only problem is there is no way for you to win with this strategy, as we have seen so much this year. The 1st Amendment will not allow someone like Bill Nye to rise above someone who is far more knowledgeable and is actually a real scientist.

Sorry Bill Nye. Your brief and undeserved rise to stardom for a second time is likely over.

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