If you were looking for your daily dose of Clinton insanity, then here it is. Could this young man be Bill Clinton's illegitimate son? Ladies and gentlemen, meet Danney Williams, the 30 year old son of former President Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton's Illegitimate Son

Why would the Clintons keep this a secret for so long? Let's dive right in.

This is serious. Danney's mother, Bobbie Anne Williams, was one of Slick Willie's favorite prostitutes back in the 1985. She lived in a housing project that was in an area that Bill jogged past in Arkansas. He used to stop and see Bobbie Anne regularly. He would slip her $200 for a quickie.

Bill got a little wreckless and went without a condom a few times. Science worked its magic and she became pregnant. Bobbie Anne let him know that they were having a baby and Bill had the typical reaction you would expect from him. He rubbed her belly and said, "Girl, that can't be my baby."

Hillary stepped in and also did not let the boy see his father. Danny wanted to meet his father and Hillary stepped in and banished Danney from ever getting to see Bill.

What do you think? Do you see the resemblance?

Bill Clinton's Illegitimate Son?

Bill Clinton's Illegitimate Son proof

The best way to help Danney meet his father is by sharing this story and helping it get out. Please do your part and share so Bill is forced to acknowledge his son. Maybe we can get them on an episode of the Maury Povich show? Share on Facebook and help force the issue.


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