This is a must see video. A Patriot storms the Fox News set, exposes Bill Clinton. He's yelling, "Bill Clinton is a rapist." Check out the video.

Of course he is quickly taken down after unbuttoning his dress shirt to expose the Infowars Bill Clinton Rape Shirt.

bill clinton is a rapist

Fox security immediately removed him from the shot. He quickly tried to climb over the railing and keep the protest alive. All the while he continues to scream, "Bill Clinton is a rapist."

The interesting part was how funny the Fox News people thought it was. "Not a Bill Clinton fan," was how he described the young man, all while laughing. The gentleman on the right simply could not help himself and had a major laugh at Bill Clinton's expense.

Check out the screenshot below.

Bill Clinton is a Rapist

bill clinton is a rapist fox news

It's not easy to get past security and pull something like this off. This young man deserves credit for his creativity. He wore the Bill Clinton rape shirt under a dress shirt so he could easily get where he needed to be and demonstrate his message.

This was a man with a plan and he executed it to perfection. Like and share this on Facebook and help take down the scumbag that is Bill Clinton.

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