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Bernie Sanders Addresses Anti-Gun Teens While Surrounded By Armed Guards – VIDEO

Lord of the Millennials Bernie Sanders addresses anti-gun teenagers. Funny thing about the story. He was surrounded by guards who were packing heat while he spoke to them.  Gun control might be his second favorite talking point after socialism. He has taken advantage of the vulnerable moments after the Parkland shooting to preach gun control to the young, impressionable, gullible teenagers.

It probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are calls to ban guns altogether.

So what do these kids think of their hero, who happens to be surrounded by armed guards?

Per Daily Wire:

Sanders himself has constantly hedged his bets regarding guns; on the one hand, he said in 2016, “Do I think the victims of a crime with a gun should be able to sue the manufacturer? No, I don’t.” But three months before that, he said, “I think we should take another look at that legislation and get rid of those provisions which allow gun manufacturers to act irresponsibly.” He also co-sponsored a Senate bill in 2016 repealing the gun manufacturers’ immunity; in 2005 he voted for a bill that granted gun manufacturers and gun sellers immunity from prosecution.

As usual, the social crockpot is out of his mind. He flip flops on every issue. He is pretty consistently far left, but there are so many instances of him flipping like the one above.

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