Feeling the Bern yet? Old Sanders is in the running for the 2020 presidential election, which is surprising considering how badly his last run went.

Sanders is visibly socialist, although he won't admit it. He's pushing universal healthcare, which has worked so well for Venezuela...right? Rightttt.....

He revealed that if he is elected, he will push a plan to eliminate private insurers and provide all Americans with Medicare. In other words, eliminate capitalism and force every person to pay higher taxes.

Someone let this man know that taxation is theft and Americans don't want socialism!

While speaking with Iowa CBS affiliate KCCI, Sanders said, “I believe that if we want to provide healthcare to all in a cost-effective way, if we want to lower the outrageous price of prescription drugs in this country the way to go is Medicare for All."

He continued, “What our bill does … what people should understand is that what Medicare for All does is eliminates your private health insurance premiums. You’re not going to be paying that, you’re not going to be paying co-payments, you’re not going to be paying deductibles."

"You’re going to be seeing your prescription drug cost, in my view, come down by 50%. Will you be paying more in taxes? Yes, you will," Sanders added.

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