Oh boy. Ol' Bernie Sanders is playing with fire and appealing to the millennials with alien talk.

The 2020 presidential candidate (for the second time running) promised that he will reveal information on clients and UFOs if he is elected. This happens to come after curiosity about Area 51 arose on Twitter.

Navy pilots have also allegedly reported seeing weird things when flying 30,000 above the area.

While speaking with Joe Rogan on Tuesday, Bernie said, “Well I tell you, my wife would demand I let you know," regarding UFO's.

Fox News reports: 

When Rogan asked whether his wife was a UFO nut, he said she wasn't but said she has previously asked him about the information he might have as a senator. “No, she’s not a UFO nut. She goes, Bernie, ‘What is going on do you know? Do you have any access?’"

US senators receive classified UFO briefing

“All right, we’ll announce it on the show. How’s that?” Sanders responded later in the podcast.

His comments came amid months of renewed attention given to the issue. The Defense Department reportedly briefed Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Mark Warner, D-Va., in June, along with two other senators as part of what appeared to be heightened efforts to inform politicians about naval encounters with unidentified aircraft.

Warner's spokesperson indicated that the senator sought to probe safety concerns surrounding "unexplained interference" naval pilots faced, according to Politico. The outlet reported more briefings were being requested as news surfaced that the Navy revised its procedures for personnel reporting on unusual aircraft sightings.

This is either a huge reach for Sanders because he is desperate, or the government really is hiding a lot from us. Honestly though, I would be willing to bet the government is hiding A LOT from us...but I think Bernie is desperate too.

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