It's tough being a conservative on these progressive social media platforms. Benghazi hero Kris Paronto wasn't even above feeling the wrath of Twitter.

What drove Paronto to express his anger on Twitter? He was not happy when Barack Obama labeled Benghazi as a conspiracy. He fired back with a tweet that got him suspended.

This is a great example of how extreme social media is going when it comes to silencing conservatives. Republicans were fired up about how Benghazi was handled during the Obama administration. No one in the administration was held accountable for the events that led to four Americans, including an American Ambassador, killed in action. This was despite there being signs of an attack coming months in advance.

Here is what Kris said in his since-deleted tweet:

After being in the @Twitter penalty box for a few and having to delete the below tweet ? for offending the leftist hate group @itmustend_ ? for their epic fail of telling Rob O’Neill that BHusseinObama killed UBL and not him I’m back up..sooo Twitter doesn’t censor ehh @jack ?

— Kris Paronto (@KrisParonto) September 9, 2018

Twitter has since responded to the suspension of the Benghazi hero and dropped it:

Despite spending time in Benghazi, Paronto was shut down. He said that his group was given explicit direction to stand down. Why would he shut up? Even though Paronto was directly involved with what went down in Benghazi and is speaking truth, he has been shut down on social media. Still, the left attacks the messenger.

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