Benghazi Bomb Dropped on Hillary on Election Day

Well, it’s Election Day and the plot thickens even more. Benghazi bomb has been dropped on Hillary and it comes just on time.

Benghazi Bomb Dropped

Per Conservative Tribune:

Guards hired by Hillary Clinton’s State Department to protect the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi had ties to terrorist groups and joined in the attack that resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in September 2012, an explosive new report charges.

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Multiple sources told Fox News that “an obscure private firm hired by the State Department over internal objections” had hired locals in haste and without adequate vetting, with the result that multiple members of the supposed “security team” turned on the Americans and participated in the killings for which current Democrat presidential nominee Clinton has repeatedly denied responsibility.

Ambassador Stevens — may he rest in peace — had pleaded repeatedly for more security, and what he got was a ragtag team of 20 locals hastily assembled by the Wales-based Blue Mountain Group, which secured a $9.2 million annual contract with the U.S. and then met its staffing needs by running ads in the Libyan newspapers.

The Guards Were Terrorists!

According to one anonymous source, a security specialist who has trained personnel at U.S. diplomatic sites around the world and who trained Blue Mountain’s militia predecessors, the guards hired by Blue Mountain were members of the Ansar al-Sharia and Al Qaeda groups that carried out the attack. One “guard” was in fact the brother of the local Al Qaeda leader.

“Whoever approved contracts at the State Department hired Blue Mountain Group and then allowed Blue Mountain Group to hire local Libyans who were not vetted,” said the security specialist, whose own assignment in Benghazi had ended nearly a year earlier.

CIA contractor John Tiegen,  author of “13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi,” confirmed that “many of the Libyans who attacked the consulate” were “the actual guards that the State Department under Hillary Clinton” had hired to protect the consulate, unvetted locals with no background in security work.

We Must Stop Hillary!

And Hillary tried to blame this whole thing on an anti-Muslim video. If there is anyone left who believes that (I doubt it), this should squash their crazy beliefs.

It’s Election Day. It’s not a difficult decision today. We trust you will make the right one. Now get out and vote!

Please share this video and help stop Crooked Hillary Clinton.

Benghazi Bomb Dropped on Hillary on Election Day


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