If you've never seen Ben Shapiro in action, now is a good time. He is incredible with debates. In this video Ben Shapiro destroys Jimmy Kimmel's gun control rant.

In typical leftists fashion, Jimmy Kimmel tore into the GOP for not having tougher gun control laws immediately following a mass shooting. Of course the liberal mainstream media was all over the rant and loved it. Shapiro pointed out something he normally does. These people are making judgements on feelings rather than facts and that is usually a recipe for disaster.

In this video Shapiro actually breaks down the Kimmel rant and completely annihilates it.

The ending was especially powerful.

Per Daily Wire:

The fact is Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t even bother with that kind of research. And the media are cheering him. Why? Because all that matters is the feelings. We can’t have a healthy body politic like this; we cannot. We cannot have a healthy body politic when the suggestion is that the people on the other side just don’t give a crap about their fellow Americans being shot and murdered in cold blood; they’re just being paid off by the NRA. That’s a recipe for people out in the streets hitting each other with clubs; that really is. This is a disaster area. Substituting emotion and emotional accusations for discourse that is reasoned and evidence-based is a huge mistake.

Jimmy Kimmel should not be cheered for what he said last night. Jimmy Kimmel should be asked to provide the evidence for his suppositions rather than the evidence for his emotions. Again, I believe he’s sincere. Sincerity does not make what you’re saying smart.

Ben Shapiro is incredible. The way he disputes the other side of arguments with facts instead of emotion is key in successful debates.

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