We've been dealing with the coronavirus outbreak for some time now and for most of us, our lives have been flipped completely upside down.

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, thousands have died, going to the grocery store requires planning and caution and even then sometimes you can't even find what you're looking for because stores are struggling to keep food and items like toilet paper and disinfectants in stock.

On top of that, most states have some sort of shelter-in-place or safer at home type of order to keep as many people safe as possible.

But HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, says that this is not the time to panic.

"Housing & Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson told "The Story" Thursday that not enough public attention is being paid to "the number of people who have recovered" from coronavirus" -- which Carson said "is going to be about 98 percent of all the people who get it."

"You probably do know someone that has it, you may have it, who knows?" Carson told host Martha MacCallum. "But people have been terrified because we've talked about the bad."

Carson said that we should indeed continue with the social distancing as well as the other guidelines that the President and the White House have put in place.

Carson also explained that the United States needs to wait before reopening the country until we beat this thing, but stressed that hysteria helps no one.

"We can't operate out of hysteria," Carson said. "When people are hysterical they don't do logical things."

Watch The Clip Below.

The truth is that most people will recover from this virus. Many already have, and there are still many others who probably had it months ago and never knew it.

Carson is correct in my estimation, this is no time to panic, but we must remain vigilant. Even if the odds are low for most of us, we should still protect those around us.

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