Kathy Griffin took vile to another level this week. To make matters worse was Barron Trump traumatized by the image of his beheaded father. "I thought it was my dad," Barron said. In the sic mind of Kathy Griffin, this was comedy. Tot he rest of the country it was absolutely disgusting.

TMZ reported that Barron was home watching TV with Melania on Tuesday when the image came on the screen. The initial reaction of 11 year-old Barron was fear that something had happened to his father. He didn't understand how someone would use beheading his father as comedy.

When Barron saw it he freaked out and screamed, "Mommy, Mommy!"

President Trump took to Twitter to put Kathy Griffin on blast and talk about the hard time his son is having dealing with it.


Since then, Griffin has issued an apology. It does not seem to be sincere at all and is clearly lacking any emotion.


Additionally, the footage that leaked did not help her. It showed her high five the photographer. There was also footage where she said she was leaving for Mexico the day the photo is released, because she was afraid she would be going to prison.


Just think about the kind of reception this would have had if someone did this to President Obama. Donald Trump Jr. made this point on Twitter.

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