It's well known that under Democratic leadership, Chicago has went downhill. How bad is Chicago? Bad enough for a six-year-old to walk around strapped.

Today, a shocking video surfaced with a child carrying a gun while walking on the South Side of Chicago. A man was harassing the three children. Little did he know that one of them was packing heat.

Watch the video.

How Bad is Chicago?

Per Fox 32:

Facebook video showing a young child brandishing what appears to be a handgun on Chicago’s South Side is raising new concerns about kids and guns.

The video shows three young boys walking at a shopping center at 63rd and Halsted. A driver is heard taunting the boys, telling one of them to show him his gun. The youngster eventually does so.

The video has surfaced at the same time Chicago police say a boy as young as 6 years old is a suspect in an armed robbery in another Chicago neighborhood.

The manager of a restaurant at the shopping center on Halsted says the boys often stop in, asking for food, and she’s worried the one with the gun might kill someone or get himself killed.

“For one, I’m scared, because at this point, he’s a kid, so if he has this gun, someone gave it to him, he’s trying to prove a point, so he may hurt anyone,” said restaurant manager Whitney Holmes.

Sadly, this isn't the first report of something like this. There have been children as young as six years old have been victims of robberies at gunpoint.

Chicago is a disaster, thanks to their Democratic leadership in recent years. Don't let former president Barack Obama sugarcoat it. This city is a mess and is in dire need of help. If six-year-olds are walking around with guns, this is no place to be.

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