With the push for impeachment failing miserably, it appears the left has a bad case of loser denial. This is something they may never recover from.

Billy Madison once had a bad case of loser denial, but he was able to recover from it. It's very unlikely that fake news CNN is able to do the same. President Trump owns the left on a much larger scale than O'Doyle did Billy Madison.

During CNN Newsroom on Tuesday, Chris Cillizza joined co-host Jim Sciutto to talk about why the impeachment proceedings aren't moving as they hoped. Instead of admitting defeat, they are blaming it on the holidays arriving.

Sciutto read off details of CNN's latest poll before brining Cillizza onto the show, "CNN’s new polling finds fifty percent of Americans say the president should be impeached and removed from office. However, that number is the same as in October before those public hearings began."

These two guys were desperate to figure out why the polling data does not align with the assessment of the hearings. This was when they cooked up Thanksgiving and Christmas as the excuse. Cillizza cautioned Sciutto and the viewers against giving too much credit to the polls and "that we, people like you and I are following this extremely closely. The average person is gearing up for Thanksgiving, looking ahead to Christmas."

Even Sciutto, being the never-Trumper he is, didn't buy this excuse. "Well it though, because there's also signs out there that folks are running out of patience with some of the coverage." He then dug a little deeper into the data to show that support for independents has slightly decreased since October, "So I hear your point there, but we're also entering a period now where you may not get any new information. Unless the courts force key witnesses to testify."

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The impeachment hearings have been a complete disaster. Will the Dems be able to push this through even with the majority of the House? Time will tell, but if they do that just makes it even more embarrassing.

If they had any sense they'd drop this nonsense and focus on 2020. But without a decent candidate that's a very difficult thing for them to do.

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