Ted Cruz spoke with Dana Bash of CNN on Wednesday. She asked him about sex toys. The result? The most awkward interview ever.

"I can't believe I'm going to ask you this, but so you're officially saying Ted Cruz is okay with people buying sex toys?" Bashed asked Cruz while wearing a huge grin from ear-to-ear.

Watch the video.

If you haven't heard the original story yet, you are probably wondering why Cruz would even be asked about this. A pornographic tweet was accidentally "liked" by Cruz's Twitter account late Monday. The result was social media exploding.

Whether Cruz looks at pornographic tweets or not is up for debate. Who cares? But make no mistake Cruz (or one of his staffers) did not mean to like that tweet.

Per Daily Wire:

"Can you appreciate the irony that you once defended a Texas law banning sales of sex toys?" Bash asked.

Cruz immediately answered "no" before delving into how the media is taking this situation and trying to twist it into something that it’s not.

"One of those laws was a law restricting the sale of sex toys. A stupid law. Listen, I am one of the most libertarian members of the Senate. I think it is idiotic. But, it is an opportunity for knuckleheads in the media to claim, oh, isn't this ironic that Cruz wants to ban these things," Cruz said.

Cruz quickly turned the conversation around by pointing out how the media is obsessed with sex and just can’t let it go.

"I am saying that consenting adults should be able to do whatever they want in their bedrooms. The media and the Left seem obsessed with sex; let people do what they want," Cruz concluded.

Even though Ted Cruz does not appreciate the irony of the situation, there is certainly a lot of it to be appreciated.


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