President Obama Forgot to Mention This

President Obama likes to think of himself as a fiscal champion who has brought us out of the hole. Well, President Obama forgot to mention this (per Conservative Tribune): As reported by Politico, the la...

The Media Pondered McCain's Mortality

The press has been demonizing people who question Hillary Clinton's health. Let's not forget, the media powdered McCain's mortality. The Media Pondered McCain's Mortality Per The Daily Caller: In 2008,...

Unbelievable What Hillary's Aide Researched

Recent emails that were uncovered gave everyone a lot more information. It is incredible to see what Hillary's aide researched. And it was Jake Sullivan, a top aide, at that. Unbelievable What Hillary's Aide R...

BREAKING: Stock Market Rigged?

Even though the economy is in deep trouble, the stock market will remain calm, according to this report. Stock market rigged? According to this report, yes. Stock Market Rigged?

Hillary Clinton's Health Cover Up IMPLODES

CNN does a laughable job of debunking theories on Hillary Clinton's bad health. Bill Clinton even chimed in to support Hillary Clinton's health. Hillary Clinton's Health Cover Up IMPLODES

Black Man Reacts to Trump's Speech

Donald Trump made a speech where he asked African Americans, "what do you have to lose?" He challenged them to try something new. This black man reacts to Trump's speech.

Obamacare is Going Down the Drain

Most knew that Obamacare was a bad venture going in, but now Obamacare is going down the drain. In 2017 it will be much worse. In the year 2017 only one insurer will be providing coverage for 1/3 of the country...