Former defense attorney Gregg Jarrett was on Fox Business Network Friday night to discuss Michael Flynn's court appearance.

While on with Charles Payne, Jarrett said he has reviews the one-count criminal information and there is absolutely nothing in the plea deal that will put the Trump administration in any danger.

Gregg Jarrett: The headline belied the truth of what was in the plea deal and it’s called the statement of offense that Flynn signed. I’ve read through it thoroughly. There’s nothing in there that would suggest legal jeopardy for Donald Trump.

Charles Payne: Is there legal jeopardy for anyone in the Trump circle?

Gregg Jarrett: No.

Defense Attorney Gregg Jarrett

He's not the only one who feels this way. Andrew McCarthy, a legal scholar from National Review, said that the information from this case is no big deal and has nothing to do with the 2016 election.

Per National Review:

While initial reporting is portraying Flynn’s guilty plea as a major breakthrough in Mueller’s investigation of potential Trump-campaign collusion with the Russian regime, I suspect the opposite is true.

Speculation that Flynn is now cooperating in Mueller’s investigation stirred in recent days due to reports that Flynn had pulled out of a joint defense agreement (or “common interest” arrangement) to share information with other subjects of the investigation. As an ethical matter, it is inappropriate for an attorney whose client is cooperating with the government (or having negotiations toward that end) to continue strategizing with, and having quasi-privileged communications with, other subjects of the investigation and their counsel. 

We will continue to follow this story, but a lot of the early indicators seems to think the mainstream media is making something out of nothing. A big nothing burger, as you have probably heard before.

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