Attorney General Sessions Calls Out Drug Cartels, Gangs and Illegals - ‘This is a New Era. This is the Trump Era’ - VIDEO

President Trump is making sweeping changes compared to the Obama administration. Attorney General Sessions calls out drug cartels, gangs and illegals. No more Mr. Nice Guy rules such as catch and release as it was with Obama.

Sessions: Those that continue to seek improper & illegal entry into this country, be forewarned: This is a new era. This is the Trump era.

Attorney General Sessions Calls Out Drug Cartels, Gangs and Illegals

Tuesday in Arizona, Attorney General Jeff Sessions me with law enforcement, border patrol agents and military in order to “implement policies boosting agents working to secure the southern border,” Fox News reports.

He touched on many topics, including MS-13 cartels along with other criminal organizations that cause so much damage and pain to our citizens and cities. He is taking the same tone as President Trump when it comes to illegal immigration and crime.

Per Fox News:

Timed with his visit, Sessions issued a memo to all U.S. attorneys asking federal prosecutors to renew focus on immigration enforcement. He asked them to focus on particular offenses that can help prevent and deter illegal immigration – and to each, designate a border security coordinator to oversee such efforts.

Sessions also made it clear that “catch and release policies of the past are over” and that through the end of the year he is adding 50 additional immigration judges. During 2018 there will be 75 more immigration judges added.


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