United States Attorney General Bill Barr has put together a team to investigate the process the FBI and DOJ took during the investigation of Trump's Campaign back to the summer of 2016, according to a source of Bloomberg.

It looks like Barr is looking into the allegations Republican lawmakers have made over the past two years that claim the Trump-Russia investigation was corrupt and driven by FBI and DOJ officials who had an anti-Trump stance.

“I am reviewing the conduct of the investigation and trying to get my arms around all the aspects of the counterintelligence investigation that was conducted during the summer of 2016,” AG Barr said to the House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday.

This internal investigation by the Justice Department is separate from the probe by the Inspector General.

Barr told Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-AL) that Inspector General Horowitz is looking into the FISA abuse that was used during the Obama administration to spy on Trump. AG Barr says the report will be completed by May or June.

During Tuesday's hearing Rep. Aderholt asked Barr if the Justice Department is investigating “how it came to be that your agency used a salacious and unverified dossier as a predicate for FISA order on a U.S. citizen?”

Aderholt was referencing the "Steele Dossier" that was put together with Democrat funding as opposition research against Trump.

Last year Comey rejected the idea that the Russia investigation was prompted by the dossier during a congressional testimony. "It was not," Comey responded to House lawmakers.

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