CBS appears to have been caught in some sort of election fraud attempt or doing something sly to influence the election in South Florida.

This is an important election as Laura Loomer is one of the candidates running for a seat in the House of Representatives.

Prior to the election, and I mean days prior, CBS 12 posted on their website what appears to be the results from the election.

We captured a screenshot of the "election results" which CBS 12 shared:


How can any of the precincts be reporting considering that they haven’t even opened up yet, and technically speaking, it’s against election laws in Florida for any of the ballots be open before election day?

The Floridian attempted several times to reach the news station for comment but the phone lines were occupied.

These results could make thousands of Republican and Democratic voters feel as if their vote will not count, and prevent them from voting this coming Tuesday.

In other words, CBS12’s posting of the election results is tantamount to voter suppression in President Donald Trump’s very own backyard.

Conservative journalist and congressional candidate Laura Loomer was first to notice the “fake” election results and alerted The Floridian about what she calls “blatant voter suppression and vote tampering by a major news outlet in Palm Beach County.” Loomer posted on her Parler account her interaction with CBS12, stating that the news desk refused to take down the “fake election results.”

“CBS12, one of the major local news stations here in Palm Beach County where I’m running for Congress is actively engaging in VOTER SUPPRESSION on their website by posting fake election results!

The election is on August 18th! Today is August 16th, yet CBS12’s website claims to have 100% reporting of all precinct votes!


My campaign contacted the station tonight and explained how this is voter suppression, we requested for them to take it down, and they are REFUSING to do so.

Call CBS12’s news desk ASAP and ask them why they are posting fake election results to suppress voters ahead of the August 18th Florida Primary election!

CALL: 561-881-0796


The election actually took place on Tuesday and the results show that she actually won her primary and will face off against Lois Frankel in November.

Floridian Press

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