Are Those TEARS? Rep. Eric Swalwell Melts Down Over Mueller Report on CNN

Well, the Mueller report has finally been released. Most of the left is waiting on pins and needles hoping that this is what takes down President Trump. They are hoping this is what finally validates their severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Rep. Eric Swalwell has made a fool of himself multiple times. Remember when he called for confiscation of semi-automatic weapons and when there was resistance, he said that the government can nuke resistors? Well, he's back at it. He broke down and had a meltdown on CNN over the Mueller report.

This Twitter user was dead on with her analysis.

It really was.

Check it out.

This was great. He called Trump a subject. Remember, just 24 hours earlier he was talking trash about how scared President Trump is of this report.

The meltdown was even worse than Chuck Schumer's reaction. But while we are on the issue, let's take a look at Chuck's reaction to the big nothing burger that is the Mueller report.

Chuck Schumer Reacts to Mueller Report

Sounds like Chuck has a bad case of loser denial. I once had a case of loser denial. He should definitely get it checked out.

What will the left move onto after this? The witch hunt is finally over. But, Russia! That has been the answer to everything. Well, not anymore.

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