These far left goons have gone too far once again. Antifa thugs surround smoking hot conservative Lauren Southern and throw fox urine on her.

Antifa showed up in droves to counter-protest the March Against Sharia which happened in New York City. Many people were there live streaming. One of them was conservative bombshell Lauren Southern.

During her livestream she was surrounded by Antifa. They began harassing her. Suddenly they dumped some type of liquid on her. It turned out to be red fox urine.

Watch the video.

Lauren Southern immediately took to twitter to discuss the experience.

The entire livestream can be viewed here.

We cannot let these far left goons get away with this any longer. It's time to fight back. Antifa is a disgrace and they must be exposed. CNN and other lame stream media refuses to report on them. We need your help. Do your part and share this video on Facebook. We need all of the exposure we can get.

Antifa is disgusting and for some reason the mainstream media is not holding them accountable. In this era it is our job to spread the news on how disgusting groups like this. Help us out and share this story.

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