Antifa Thugs Attack, Pepper Spray Trump Supporters – Brawl Breaks Out in Portland – VIDEO

On Sunday during the Patriot Prayer ‘Freedom Mach’ masked antifa thugs showed up to attack and pepper spray Trump supporters.

Another demonstration of how the far left “protests.” Showing up and inflicting violence on people that they agree with.

KATU News was on the scene and able to catch some footage of the march and the violent brawls that ensued.

Antifa Thugs

Here is a bloody man who was beaten down being tended to:

There was a lot of chanting. At this point the Trump supporters are chanting “USA!” while Antifa is screaming “Nazis go home!”

At this point there is even more fighting and more pepper spray breaking out.

At this point Antifa decides it’s a good idea to burn a flag. Why are they still in this country again?

Amazingly, there have been no arrests yet as of Sunday evening. Portland Police did make a statement on Twitter that they are still reviewing video. Those who took part in unlawful activity are still subject to an arrest whether it be today or at a later date.

The far left needs to understand that in order for it to be a protest it has to have some logic or substance to it. Just showing up to events and fighting and pepper spraying people does nothing to advance anything.

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