Conservatives and 1st Amendment advocates organized a peaceful parade in Oregon. Well, as usual, Antifa and other far leftists caught wind of it and decided to sabotage it. They took part in actions such as assaulting Trump supporters and snatching phones from the hands of those participating in the rally. At one point an Antifa thug starts to burn the flag and a biker shows up out of nowhere and stops it. This wasn't just any Antifa thug. This was a man dressed up as a woman. You know, your typical far leftist.

It's good to see some nearby bikers saw the flag burning going down and stepped in. Even better yet, the whole thing was caught on camera.

While the flag was still burning, one of the bikers snatched it from the hands of the transgender protester. As they were going down the street, the Antifa goons hurled more insults at the Trump supporters. As usual, the Antifa thugs were all talk, no action.

Give the bikers credit for keeping their cool during the whole thing. They remained calm and held their ground while the mask-wearing far leftists shouted insults at them. Though it is much easier for them to keep calm when they know the people they are dealing with are absolutely no threat.

Check out the video. Warning, there is plenty of foul language in it.

Antifa Thug Confronted by Bikers

There is a theme developing for these videos that feature the far leftists. Unemployed losers who stand for nothing and oppose everything. While they claim to be "anti-fascist" they are actually far from it. It's time for these protesters to grow up and start behaving like adults. They have built their brand on behavior like this. Watch more videos of Antifa idiots to get an idea of what these people stand for.

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