Recently at the "Battles of Berkeley" there was an Antifa thug who beat a Trump supporter in the head with a bike lock. Well now we know who it was.

The incidents in Berkeley brought us many reasons to laugh at the Antifa idiots, but here was nothing funny about this particular incident. It is good we can now put a name with a face and hold this scumbag accountable.

Per the Gateway Pundit:

Diablo Valley College professor Eric Clanton has been unmasked by a group of online free speech advocates. Utilizing the concept of crowdsourcing, /pol/, a message board hosted on 4Chan, was able to figure out who exactly assaulted a pro-1st Amendment demonstrator . . .

Antifa Thug Who Beat Trump Supporter in the Head with a Bike Lock, Eric Clanton

Eric Clanton is a philosophy professor at Diable Valley College. Here is video of the assault.


Once you are on the Internet with footage like that, you can't hide for long.

Antifa Thug Who Beat Trump Supporter in the Head with a Bike Lock has Been Identified

What's amazing is the amount of time people put into figuring out who he is.

Eric Clanton

Allegedly his Amazon account was hacked and it was shown he ordered 14 bike locks and opted for the next day shipping option.

They even encouraged people to contact the president of the university where Clanton teaches. You know, to make sure he can't continue to form the lives of our youth while being an Antifa thug.




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