If you're not one who visits Twitter very often, the hashtag #AntifaHQ was trending.

It made me curious so I started looking into it. To my disappointment, it was just about the Pentagon formerly being the "Antifa Headquarters". It was just some stupid stunt by idiot liberals.

But then a couple of days later, I saw that Antifa headquarters in Portland actually had been discovered.

A videographer actually found the camp where these terrorists have been living ever since the rioting began in Portland over three months ago.

While the man was filming, one of the terrorists came out and started shooting rocks at him with a slingshot.

If you notice, the long-haired man in the video is actually Camillo Massagi aka "trumpet man" who has been arrested...well, who knows how many times.

Here's "trumpet man's" mugshot, or one of them anyway.

Here he is acting like an idiot:

Here he is acting like an idiot once again:

What has be puzzled is why hasn't this place been cleared out? Whose property is this and why are they just being allowed to camp out here?

It's probably being claimed as being a "homeless camp" in order to aid and abet these terrorists. In fact, I'm certain of it.

Back in April, Oregon Live reported,

Portland will open three organized camps for homeless people during coronavirus — an unprecedented step for a city that has long resisted sanctioned camping.

The three sites — two on Southeast Water Avenue and one near the westside base of Broadway Bridge — will also group residents in a way that has rarely been done in Portland shelters. One site will give priority to LGBTQ people and one for people of color. Anyone who wants the services specific to those sites will also be allowed to camp there. The third site will be for everyone, with an emphasis on older people.

Each location will have 45 tents on platforms with cots inside for an individual person or couple. The city will provide sleeping bags and tents to ensure they are clean and hygienic. People will be able to store their belongings, including their own tents and sleeping bags, while staying at the camp.

Compare this information to the image below. This is exactly what's going on. The city is quite literally paying for these terrorists to camp out. They are enabling terrorism.

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