The left is up in arms about one of their own, Kanye West, expressing conservative values. Former NFL star Reggie Bush is the next to dip his toe in the water. Reggie decided to question the IRS for his first move in the direction of being red-pilled.

Bush tweeted: This might be a dumb question so I’m apologizing ahead of time but who audits the IRS? How do we know exactly where our tax dollars go and that they are being used the right way?

Reggie Bush has stepped into the realm of fiscal responsibility. He makes a great point about the huge waste of money in our federal tax system.

Back in March, hip hop star Cardi B went on a video rant making a similar point. Check it out:

Another instance of Hollywood shaking up the political landscape is the new show Roseanne, where she plays a Trump supporter. In the show they actually portray Trump supporters as rational human beings and not lunatics.

Hip hop superstar Kanye West took the issue head on when he professed his love for Trump. Then after that he released a freestyle on Twitter wearing a MAGA hat.

So who will be next? Is a movement starting?

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