It took them long enough, but the left finally figured it out. Another Democrat rips into Nancy Pelosi. Finally, they figured it out.

Tim Ryan (D-OH) appeared on CNN Wednesday. His appearance was to discuss where the Democrat party currently stands after the tough loss for Ossoff for Georgia's 6th district. He wasn't shy. He mentioned the "toxic brand" of the party and also singled Pelosi out specifically.

Thursday they continued to go after Pelosi. This time it was Democrat Rep. Filemon Vela (D-TX) who took shots at Pelosi.

Filemon Vela: “Nancy Pelosi has worked very hard, but in the context of winning the 2018 election and taking the majority, I think it is pretty clear that leader Pelosi does not help our candidates in those swing districts that is so necessary for us to win in 2018.”

“To really believe that we can win in 2018 election and regain the majority…every poll we see shows that leader Pelosi just doesn’t help our candidates in those swing districts,” Vela said.

Vela was asked if Nancy Pelosi needs to go. He responded, “If we’re gonna regain the majority in 2018, we have to have new leadership.”

Could the end by near for Nancy Pelosi? The Democrat party is a complete disaster. There is no other way to put it. It look like they might be finally ready to turn the page on the Trump-Russia nonsense and look at how they can fix their party.

Watch the video.

Another Democrat Rips Into Nancy Pelosi - Rep. Filemon Vela

Another sick burn for Nancy Pelosi to take in. Everyone on the right has none she is a fool who should not even be considered to lead a party. The Democrats finally figured that out, but it looks like it may be too late. At this point it seems the damage is done.

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