Another CNN anti-Trumper has been outed. Ana Navarro of CNN was busted editing photos to trash President Trump and make him look bad.

Navarro claims to be the Republican contributor for CNN.

On Sunday morning Navarro tweeted a photo of President Trump and Republicans, ripping them in a racist and sexist tweet.

She accused the "orangey" Trump of only meeting with old white men at Camp David. Here is a photo of the tweet:

Ana Navarro Of CNN Busted Editing Photo

There's only one problem with this. The original photo contains a woman.

The woman was edited out by Navarro to make Trump look bad.

Ana Navarro Of CNN Busted Editing Photo

There was one person cropped out of the photo. A woman!

Per Red State Watcher:

CNN Correspondent Anna Navarro has been caught editing a photo to project another biased narrative of President Trump. 

A Twitter user discovered that Navarro had edited a photo of a Camp David Press Conference with President Trump and his administration to not include Homeland Security Secretary Kirsten Nielsen at the end of the line. 

How does CNN expect anyone to take them serious when their "Republican" contributor is editing photos to make Trump look bad? Pathetic!

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