Alyssa Milano Suggests New NRA Conspiracy Theory, Gets Ripped For It

Far left actress and activist Alyssa Milano has been cranking out tweets that are about in line with what we expect from Hollywood: insane.

She recently made comments on the Equal Rights Amednment, Paul Ryan’s view of women and why women aren’t protected by the 14th Amendment. Now she tweeted a new, creative National Rifle Association conspiracy theory.

She claims the NRA once gave an award of courage out to Ajit Pai. The man who made the repeal of net neutrality happen.

There were some very entertaining responses to the tweet.

Not surprisingly, many of Milano’s followers were on board with this insane tweet.

Others know BS when they see it.

Recently Milano tweeted about how women aren’t protected by the 14th Amendment since they hadn’t yet been allowed to vote.

She is so far out of touch. Good thing there are many people out there to hold her accountable and expose her foolishness.

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