Liberal actress Alyssa Milano is raising $100,000 to help the migrant caravan. She is helping the illegal alien invaders with their goal of entering the United States illegally.

Keep in mind that while she is helping the migrant caravan of invaders enter this country illegally, there are 48,000 homeless veterans as well as 380,000 homeless children.

Why is the left so obsessed with this migrant caravan entering our country illegally?

Not mention the people who lost their homes in the fires in California. Many people lost everything, yet Milano thinks we should be donating money to asylum seekers who decided Mexico isn't good enough.

So far they have been able to raise $71,000.

Alyssa Milano Raising $100,000 for Migrant Caravan

Many people on Twitter are hammering Milano for this stunt.

Her only goal is to anger the right. There is no other reason why she would pass on helping veterans and instead help illegal invaders get into this country.

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